Arteagas Studio


I retired from my career in engineering a few years ago to paint full time.  I have been painting, drawing, and generally involved in fine art since early childhood.  I really love putting down on paper on canvas a subject that I love.  Once committed to that paper or canvas; the image is mine forever.   My studio is a sunny place filled with paper, canvas, paint and all the accessories in my home.  

I'm a quick painter.  Most of my pieces take no longer than a few days to render.  I draw free hand and paint what I see.  My colors are often "loud" .  I frequently paint Fall scenes because I love trees.  I sell more trees than anything else.  

When I sell a piece, it is almost always to someone who feels a kinship to the place in the image.  Often men buy my snow scenes because they remind them of places they have hunted.  Since I often paint local scenes,  it is possible that it is their hunting site.